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The PJ Fund is proud to be supporting the work of the Parkinson’s Disease Working Group in Stanford University’s Neuroscience Institute. Lead by Dr. Helen Bronte-Stewart, they are committed to unraveling the mysteries of PD and to discovering new treatment for this presently incurable disease. Please visit the Stanford’s Parkinson’s Disease Working Group to learn more.

Many people have asked what portion of their donation goes to support research, education, training, and awareness of Parkinson’s disease. Simply, each bracelet and its packaging costs approximately $10 to produce. If someone donates $25 for a bracelet, then approximately $15 goes to Stanford. If someone donates $100 for one bracelet, then approximately $85 is sent to Stanford. The costs are kept to a minimum through the generous support of money and time of many individuals and businesses.

We are proud of our contribution towards helping Parkinson’s patients to live life with quality and with hope for a cure. We are looking forward to continued contributions to Stanford. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed!

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