Strength Through Knitting

Knit hats

Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I have taken up knitting. This I did to keep my fingers limber. I find knitting also to be extremely therapeutic. The repetitive motion seems to relax me; to put things in order. It is also extremely rewarding and generally gives me a finished product that is not only useful but a piece of art to be proud of.

That year of my diagnosis, I went wild with the knitting. I think that I felt that if I kept my fingers moving, then I could maintain control. While on a trip to Baja California, I made scarves for everyone I know! Now, I don’t quite knit as fast, but I have advanced to sweaters.

One of the most significant benefits of knitting came as a complete and extremely pleasant surprise. Knitting has taught me the benefits of community. I spend hours at the local yarn store. I meet many friends through the common interest of knitting. Once, when Jim took me to a fish and tackle store to buy me a fishing pool, I watched a group of men as they interacted in the store. “This is just like a yarn store”, I told Jim.

I have always been somewhat creative but not nearly to the degree that I have been since learning to knit. I sew more often and I am constantly thinking of new creations. I often wonder if my obsession to create things is related to my life changing illness. Regardless, I enjoy my new found creativity.

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